Newest Tips & Tricks for iOS 6

iOS 6 has been out for a while now and many iPhone and iPad users across the world are enjoying the latest iteration of Apple’s class leading operating system for mobile devices. However, there yet exist some simple tips and tricks that haven’t attracted the attention of a majority of users. This article features some of these lesser known tricks that are sure to surprise even seasoned iOS users.


How to Get an iOS Device Reading Aloud?

iOS 6 has a ‘Speak’ option that, when enabled, enables your iDevice to read loudly any selected text. To enable this feature, you need to start up the ‘Settings’ app and go into the ‘General’ option. Here select ‘Accessibility’ and move down to the option named ‘Speak Selection’. Simply tap this option to enable it.


To test this feature out, simply start up any app that lets you highlight some text. Some of the apps suited for this task include Safari, Mail, and Notes apart from a few others. Proceed to highlight any text and a quick glance at the contextual menu will show a new option. This is the ‘Speak’ command. Simply tap on it and listen to your device reading aloud the selected text.

Get Emoji to Work

Many of you might be wondering as to how is it possible to type those iconographic symbols on your iDevice since they seem to be such a common presence in various apps like and forums like Twitter, iMessages and emails. Well, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is possible only after buying some specific app from the App Store.


Simply put, you do not need to buy any such apps as Apple has included that feature in its iOS keyboard. But there is a reason why the feature is not as easily accessible as one would want it to be. These symbols, popularly known as Emoji, are treated by Apple as a different international keyboard. This can be corrected by starting up the ‘Settings’ app and then tapping on the ‘General’ section. Here, tap on ‘International’ followed by doing the same on ‘Keyboards’.

Now tap on the option ‘Add New Keyboard’ and search for Emoji. Once done with that; launch an app that allows you to type text. Now besides the spacebar, a little global icon will appear. You can simply tap this icon to toggle between the Emoji and normal keyboard. With a wide range of characters, you can use this keyboard to convey different emotions while texting, mailing or tweeting.

You can also have some fun by having your iOS device read aloud any selected Emoji symbol. To enable this, just select any symbol before tapping the ‘Speak’ option and be prepared to hear a wide range of funny names!

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