A New Range of Recently Lunched Digital Cameras

Finding that perfect signature branded Digital Camera for yourself is just a matter of delight, if you’re a total photography enthusiast. However, to select from a wide range of brands with different features and specifications is always a tedious task. There is a gamut of brands – Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Sony – to name a few. The Samsung camera price in India has certainly become reasonable. However, there are various options that you can opt for. So if you’re really looking forward to buy a budget camera, we have listed down some of the recently launched DSLR and Digital cameras for you:


  • Panasonic DMC-DH4 new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras-Panasonic-DMC-DH4This is the ultimate sturdy piece of DigiCam you can go for. The rustic black body is adapted with OLED monitor and static touch control. It’s a digital single lens mirror-less camera with standard features to capture that perfect picture.


  • Canon PowerShot SX60 new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras-Canon-PowerShot-SX60 Equipped with a 65x optical zoom, it has a 6.4 FPS continuous shooting. Full HD 60p movie, manual movie mode and advanced image sensors.


  • Nikon D750 DSLR Nikon-D750-DSLR-new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras Enhanced maneuverability now combined with FX format and 24.3 megapixels make it an ideal DSLR for clicking perfect images. Compact, lightweight with tough durable design is capable of expanding the field of potential.
  • Nikon Coolpix P600 Nikon-Coolpix-P600-new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras The solid black finish and a sleek body with advanced zooming features, this Nikon Coolpix actually looks stunning. The 16MP 6x optical zoom lens gives the highest resolution. Along with this it also has wide angle view coverage, high-performance lens- reduction and a superior image quality.
  • Sony RX100M Sony-RX100M-new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras


  •  The matte touch black body is powerfully built for touch handlers. It has advanced features which enable optical zoom while recording a movie, and CMOS sensors.


  • Canon 700D Canon-700D-new-range-recently-lunched-digital-cameras It is an 18 megapixel APS-C, Sensor paired with a single digic 5 image processing chip. It also retains the hybrid AF system to allow auto-focus during shooting videos.
  • Samsung Galaxy DigiCam- Samsung brings together the full force of its digital cameras experience with the finest picture quality features and specifications in their range of DigiCams. This is the 16.3 megapixel, compact and handy camera, with 21x zooming lens option enabling power shutters to capture minute details without disturbing the actual dimension.

If you check across online sites, you’ll get to go through a wide range of cameras to choose from. Samsung has recently come up with a series of digital cameras, such as Samsung Smart NX300, Samsung NX mini- single and some more.  Also check out the prices in Indian and International markets. Also if you are hunting for some great deals and offers online, you can prefer to check some of the couponing sites which offer best deals and discounts over a wide range of gadgets.  There are obviously many factors such as – budget, features, brand, — that you would consider before zeroing on the camera of your choice. So, go get your own desired camera & capture the moments in the finest lenses!

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