New Case To Fix Purple Halo In iPhone 5

An accessory maker is expecting some business out of certain limitation of the iPhone 5 camera. In a new development, Fotodiox, an Illinois based company comes up with a case for iPhone 5 that is seemingly keep stray light from creating purple flare in photos and videos. The case is named the camHoodie and cost $24.95 that promises to “stop purple halo”.

The technology is simple, there is not much in that case, just a piece of rubber that acts as a lens hood to keep stray light from coming in. The rubber is held by a case to keep the three sides from getting lifted.

The purple halo shows on the edges of the photo when the source of light falls from the angle outside the frame. It affects both photos and videos. Some users started complaining just after new iconic phone went on sale last month.

Apple in this week acknowledged the shortcomings, suggesting to minimize the camera exposure to the bright light. The company asked users to stray away the camera from the direct light, which was supposed to reduce the reflection on the iPhone’s camera sensor.

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Nevertheless, all suggestions are temporarily assuage the agony of users who have bought the camera with a heavy price. Definitely these suggestions are not any solutions but temporary measures to waif the problem and not acceptable from a company who claims to be a quality conscious entity in the industry.

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