New Apple Patent Suggests An iPhone 5 With Replaceable Camera Lens

Apple may have disappointed millions by making no mention of iPhone 5 at last week’s WWDC 2012 in San Francisco, but this doesn’t mean that the unveiling of iOS 6 hasn’t sent the rumor-mill into overdrive.

Quite to the contrary in fact as while talk of larger screens and laser keyboards continue among the masses, those in the know have singled out another exciting patent recently filed by Apple.  In this instance, the patent in question relates to removable or replaceable camera technology.

New Apple Patent Suggest an iPhone 5 with Replaceable Camera Lens

Translated into plain English, the gizmo appears to be one that when fitted to the rear casing of the device in question would allow the standard camera lens to be replaced with any number of alternative or modified optic devices. While there has been no direct mention of the iPhone 5 made in relation to the patent application, the drawings accompanying the patent do indeed look decidedly iPhone-esque.

SLR Market in Apple’s Cross-hairs

If true, the iPhone 5 may be earmarked for the most advance camera technology every boasted by a Smartphone, with adaptability and versatility more likely to be found in high-end digital cameras. Typical options would likely include increased optical zoom, various filters and perhaps night-vision.

Millions of iPhone 4S users have shown an ongoing preference toward their Smartphone’s camera rather than carrying a separate device, therefore it could be that Apple has the higher end of shutterbugs and SLR enthusiasts directly in their sights.

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