MS Office 13 – Most Ambitious Release to Date

Microsoft has spilled the beans on some of the key features of its new Microsoft Office 13, which is being designed to work more fluidly and productively on mobile devices than ever before. According to the development team behind the new Office suite, the software will offer the most seamless connection between mobile and desktop devices so far, combining the beauty and prowess of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.

MS Office 13 – Most Ambitious Release to Date

A Universal Package

Due to hit the market next year, Microsoft has called its new Office suite the “most ambitious release of Microsoft Office that we’ve ever done” stating that the new features and functionality will perfectly suit families, students and corporate users alike.

Current and past versions of Microsoft Office are in use by over a billion people the world over and account for 90% of the corporate market for software of this kind. The suite is also Microsoft’s single biggest source of revenue, earning the company a staggering $15 billion per year in sales and licensing agreements.

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