Movavi Screen Recorder Is Your Absolute Tool For Computer Screen Recording

Do you need computer screencasts? It could be that you are planning a tutorial or a demo which you would like to record on your PC. The video could be for your office trainees or for random audience online or for personal use. Well, whatever be the reason behind your video, you can now easily record your computer screen with Movavi Screen Recorder. The Movavi product is a powerful computer screen recording software which can capture desktop screencasts for you and save them in your PC for your use later.

Let’s see how you can record computer screen with Movavi Screen Recorder-

Download and install

Movavi Screen Recorder 2

The first step is to download and install Movavi Screen Recorder in your computer.

  • Choose recording parameters

Go to Record Screen from main program window & adjust capture frame over recording area. You can also record audio at this stage from output or input sound devices. You can record sound from both output & input devices simultaneous as well. You can also customize volume of audio sources by adjusting the volume sliders on the program window.

  • Capture your video

Go to REC and click on it to begin recording of the video. When you want to stop, just click on Stop button. You can also set a timer so that the software stops recording your video automatically the moment the timer reaches your scheduled time limit.

Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Edit your video

If you think the recorded video needs tweaking or professional touch, you can carry out the editing tasks with the program’s in-built Video Editor. Just go to Open in Editor and perform the needed editing tasks.

  • Convert video if needed

Would you have to convert the recorded video? Well, then, first you will click on Save As button and then look for the Export tab to choose the conversion format.  After you are done with the conversion, just click on Save and save your video.

Important features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Records any kind of video and audio

Movavi Screen Recorder is engineer to record all kinds of streaming video and audio files online. You can record computer screencasts and also your video calls and chats.

  • Performs editing tasks

Movavi Screen Recorder also helps you to perform basic editing functions like trimming or adding video clips, rotating, use of effects etc.

Supports all popular mobile and video formats

Movavi Screen Recorder is compatible with all popular video and mobile formats.

Useful tips for users

  • Use Capture Area tab for better selection of recording area.
  • Before you record sound, make sure the audio icon is marked in green.
  • If you want to pause your recording, click on F9.
  • To stop the recording quickly, press on F10.
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