Microsoft Unveils Two New Surface Tablets – The End of Buyer Compromise?

Microsoft has officially lifted the lid on its very first own-brand Windows tablet PC, which they have named the Surface Tablet. Having been one of the worst kept secrets in the technology industry for quite some time now, the arrival of a pure Windows 8 Tablet from Microsoft certainly has a great deal to live up to.

During Microsoft’s high profile press event in Hollywood yesterday, CEO Steve Balmer promised the world that the two new tablets would for the first time eliminate compromise when choosing between a PC and a tablet.

The two versions in question include one tablet running the full-fat version of Windows 8 with standard Intel chips behind the scenes, while the other uses Windows RT and lower-end processors  – the latter being more similar to current rival tablets and Smartphones.

Microsoft Unveils Two New Surface Tablets – The End of Buyer Compromise?

A PC and Laptop Replacement

As such, Microsoft’s intentions are clearly to deliver a duo of tablets that could effectively replace all current Windows 7 laptops and Apple/Android tablet PCs.

Spec and size-wise, the Windows RT Surface Tablet will weigh in at 903 grams and carry a thickness of 13.5mm, while its higher-end counterpart will be just 9.3mm thick and weigh just over 676 grams. Both will sport the same 10.6 inch HD display panels and in-built kickstands for movie and media viewing. The Windows RT version will offer storage options of 32GB and 64GB, while the Pro Surface Tablet will offer up to 128GB.

Reaction to the Microsoft Surface Tablets has so far been positive, though critics and observers alike agree that too little information has so far been released to draw up an overall conclusion. In fact, Microsoft has so far left perhaps the two most important details of all out of the equation – the release dates and prices of both Surface Tablets.

Time Critical for Success

The trouble is, while market leaders the likes of Apple with its unstoppable iPad have all the time in the world to keep their cards well-hidden and spring launches upon the world at the last-second, this is a privilege no other tablet PC producer has been able to get away with so far. What’s more, the longer Microsoft remains mum about the pricing structure for the Surface Tablets, the more damage will likely be inflicted by rumors of excessive price-tags far in excess of mid to high-end new iPads.

So, at this point in time at least it would be prudent to reserve judgment, but optimism remains high that if Microsoft manages to market and launch the Surface Tablets well enough, they could indeed be onto a winner.

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