Microsoft To Announce Own-Brand Tablet PC Next Week – Google Nexus Tablet Days Away

Microsoft is to stage a major event in Los Angeles next week, which according to industry sources will herald the announcement of the company’s first own-brand tablet PC launch.

If true, it would appear that Microsoft has plans to take a rather lucrative leaf from the book of Apple, by throwing down the gauntlet in what is fast becoming the world’s most valuable consumer technology market.

As a software developer without a specific hardware arm, the development of a pure-Windows Tablet by Microsoft would herald a significant new direction for the world’s biggest OS supplier. The technology industry is currently bursting at the seams with upcoming Windows RT and Windows 8 tablet released, though have so far been the work of third-party manufacturers including Asus and Acer.

Microsoft to Announce Own-Brand Tablet PC Next Week – Google Nexus Tablet Days Away

It would therefore appear that as is the case with Google, Microsoft has every intention of making the most of the lightning-fast tablet market growth. In fact, the same industry sources have suggested that Microsoft’s primary intention is to release an initial device perfectly capable of dethroning the as-yet unstoppable iPad from Apple.

Microsoft has something of an ace in the hole the likes of which no other developer the world overcomes close to, which is complete and total domination of the domestic and corporate PC/laptop OS market. As such, it has long been suggested that a tablet PC capable of seamlessly integrating into an existing Windows ecosystem would be hugely appealing to those with both experience and trust in Windows devices.

What’s more, a Microsoft tablet would also have the advantage of being able to undercut those of third-party manufacturers across the board, as recent reports have revealed that between $80 and $100 is payable to Microsoft in the form of licensing fees for each and every Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet manufactured.

Inability to price Windows tablets competitively has long been seen as a potential Achilles heel in the venture, though is one that could of course be sidestepped by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, whispers regarding an imminent arrival in the form of the Google Nexus Tablet have this week developed into shouts, as both leaked specs and new images have apparently found their way onto the web.

Google’s intention to release its own pure-Android tablet has been a foregone conclusion for years now, though for many reasons it would be safe to say their plans have never been close to materializing. Even without the ongoing ‘leaks’ and rumors from those claiming to be in the know, Eric Schmidt himself assured the world that a Google Tablet would make an appearance before the end of June 2012.

Time therefore is fast running out.

Spec-wise, a recent listing spotted on the web unofficially confirmed that the Google Nexus Tablet will pack and Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, backed by 1GB of RAM and powering Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, the biggest selling point of all looks certain to be the price of the thing, which according to hundreds of separate reports and estimations could be below $200.

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