Microsoft Already Working on The Next Generation of Surface

Just over a month ago,Microsoft launched Microsoft Surface, the real challenge to compete in the tablet market discontent that their partners have shown. It was not just a product to demonstrate the behaviour and potential of Windows 8 in a touch screen mobile, but competes with manufacturers to sell them their licenses.

Now it appears that Microsoft is much more serious towards its approach to take over the tablet market which is so far dominated by the iPad. Microsoft to work on the second generation of its line of tablets is in rumours and we may see it in future as Microsoft Surface 2.

I think that to date no one would have imagined that Microsoft would be developing the next version of Microsoft Surface, even though they haven’t finished the first version products.

Microsoft Surface 2 in Rumor

From the job ads posted on Microsoft Career page, it appears Microsoft is seriously committed to enhancing and expanding the Surface line, perhaps with Microsoft Surface 2, the next generation of Microsoft Surface Tablet. The company has posted total of 13 positions directly related to the “Surface team” since June 18 (the day the tablet was unveiled).

It’s obviously too early to talk about specifications but perhaps the first idea that would be to increase battery life and extend the capabilities of the Windows Version because Windows 8 RT users are commenting a loss of battery by the system.

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