Microsoft Makes Xbox Music Default Music Tunes In Windows 8

Microsoft is all set to start competing in the digital music platform with its views on Spotify and Pandora, making the latest Xbox Music the default way to listen tracks in Windows 8. In future, the service will outspread to mobile phones and Xbox video console.

Presently Microsoft faces tough rivalry from iTunes and Spotify in the digital music business. Therefore, it is anticipated that the company will give its full potential to endorse Xbox Music in its dominant Windows operating system.

Xbox Music features a whopping 30 million track baked into Windows 8, making it a default system to enjoy songs in the OS. The service, as announced by the company, will give users to stream music for free, though there is an option for purchasing tracks. In addition, there is custom playlists, subscription to an ad-free version for $9.99 a month.

The move is believed to establish Xbox brand beyond its renowned gaming experience. It has already debuted in Xbox 360 consoles and will be launched on Windows 8 tablets and PCs on October 26. The company is also planning to launch it on Windows Phone 8 in future, challenging the bigwigs like iTunes and Spotify. An ambitious attempt is anticipated that the company will even create new versions in the next year to fit in competing platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

An ad-supported version of Xbox Music will give users to stream an unlimited number of tracks for free for the next six months. The subscription offer can do away the ads, in addition, the offer also let users an unlimited playback of tracks in the catalog on their Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360. However, the service is restricted to Windows 8 versions only, and not applied for any older versions of Windows.

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The free streaming service will be available in 15 markets globally. The paid service known as Xbox Music Pass will firstly presented for Windows 8 and Window Phone 8 in 22 markets worldwide.

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