Makers In Asia Receives 10M Orders For iPad Minis

According to reports, Asian manufactures say they have received orders for the iPad Minis in a huge numbers. It is reported that Asian component makers have said an estimate of 10 M iPad Minis in the fourth quarter. It is now no more rumoured but a fact that Apple is thinking big for its unannounced tablet and eventually overpower others competitors like Amazon Kindle Fire HD. The target what has been reported is as much twice of Amazon’s new tablet.

Apple is always very hush-hush about its new development, same in this case also, but the reliable sources from the industry said that the company in this month will come up with its affordable iPad Mini.

The demand of the new tablet also causes much trouble for the component manufacturers, as reports say the company supply’s chain is having a rough time because of device complicated structure. According to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White predicts Cupertino tech titan will sell at least 5 million units by the end of the fourth quarter.

In the recent times, the rumors of iPad Minis have occupied space in most of the tech magazines and websites. However, the company is yet to declare anything and also avoid comment on unannounced tablet.

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The sources confirmed that the new device will feature a 7.85 inch display and available in far cheaper than existing iPad. Apple has reportedly already begun mass production of the device, and the invitation to inaugural function is likely to send to media this week.

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