Make Location Tagging on Your Photos Easy with Photoshop Elements

Quite a few digital cameras these days have a GPS built into them. This allows the user to have his or her photos automatically tagged for later use. That certainly sounds a lot easier than manually trying to tag the locations in every photo in your collection. But what about tagging photos that were snapped using non-GPS featuring cameras? That is exactly the task that can be accomplished using the Photoshop Elements application.

Face tagging on Facebook through Organizer in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Selecting Pictures & Choosing a Location on the Map

The places option in Photoshop Elements allows you to tag a photo with information about the place where it was taken. This applies to a single photo as well as a group of pictures. To access and use this feature, click the button that reads ‘Places’. The button can be found in the top part of your screen. Clicking the button causes a map to appear. By default, the map of USA tends to show up. Now you must proceed to select the pictures that you’d want to tag at a particular location on the map. Note that you can also select multiple pictures in one go. After having done with the selection, you can either enter the information in the given search box or zero-in on a coordinate on the map.

Tagging a Location onto a Picture

When you enter any search term into the box, you can type-in anything ranging from an exact address to even an entire city. You can also enter well-known tourist spots like Hollywood or Disneyland. After typing in, hit the ‘Search’ option and the program will show up that location on the map. After zooming-in to the said location, a dialog pops up asking you to confirm if you intend to place a picture on the said location. You can confirm your choice by clicking on a green colored checkmark. You can also choose not to go ahead with the location or consider it later by placing it as a draft. Once you are done with placing the pictures you want, simply click on the ‘Done’ option.

If you have captured a set of pictures with a camera featuring an inbuilt GPS then information about the exact location where the photos were snapped will be included within the pictures. This information can be read by Photoshop Elements, which allows the program to place any picture on the world map. Note that the accurate pinning of your photos to a location depends upon the precision to which you are able to pin-point that location on the map using the search box. Photoshop Elements also allows you to tag any picture multiple times. That said, if you do tag a picture multiple times, be aware that those tags will not be mutually exclusive to each other.

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