5 Best Alternatives to MacKeeper

It may be that Apple computers are less prone to errors than computers with Windows. However, there are a few. And for the ordinary user, it may be a little more complicated to solve issues of their MAC.  Although Mac OS X is not too likely to have problems and remains an operating system that suits us, yet it never hurts to have utility software that can help keep the computer in good condition. One option for doing this is MacKeeper, which is the most popular one.

The price of MacKeeper is too high for the features it provides but what it does have is a clever marketing campaign. So, in this post, I’m going to talk about 5 Best Alternatives to MacKeeper. Hope it will prove useful to you.



CleanMyMac is one of the best alternatives of MacKeeper. The projection of the software is simple – to make your Mac run faster and smoothly. You may not have seen huge marketing campaign like that of MacKeeper, but it shares many of its features.

Some of these features are noteworthy:

  • CleanMyMac allows a scan of the computer and then determine what files can be removed and which should stay on your computer. Many of these unnecessary files end up generating certain slowness in the system, so it is better to get rid of them. However, be careful with what you delete. This program allows us to eliminate things like profiles of unnecessary language apps etc.
  • It also allows us to eliminate the system logs without being dangerous to the operation of the Mac. Errors, Application statements, warnings and other messages are stored by the system, creating a collection of important logs over time which is never going to be read. This program allows distinguishing between important and recent logs and eliminates those who take up needed space.
  • With the advent of devices like the iPhone, we must also think of the cache that accumulates. The iTunes library can occupy an important space and create a lot of duplicate files without us realizing it. If we have well organized folders for our videos, pictures and music, we will not need much of this functionality. But if you don’t have the habit of organizing files and folders, you may begin to create duplicate files everywhere. In this case, CleanMyMac can be very helpful.


OnyX is a cleaning and optimization tool for Mac that allows us to perform multiple tasks such as checking the records, check the system’s structure, program maintenance and configure hidden parameters of features such as Spotlight, the Dock and Finder.

Like the other applications that we speak, OnyX also allows us to clear the cache, and delete files that may end up being simply “space occupiers” on your computer.

One of the highlights is that OnyX is freeware. From the same developer, Titanium Software, you can also download the application Deeper Maintenance, supplementing the use of OnyX.



Mac Cleanse

As its name suggests, this application is dedicated to the cleanliness of the Mac. We can delete unnecessary files, logs, cookies, and all the things we want out of our computer. It also has a more reasonable price than MacKeeper, although with slightly less functions.

The application is designed to “erase” our footprints so that no trace of activities remains on Mac. Mac Cleanse can help us with regular cleaning. As for browsers, in general it allows us to centralize search; and delete cookies, downloads, form values, history, recent searches, icons, cache sites and pages visited.

It also helps us to delete an unnecessary amount of logs that are stored on your computer, just as CleanMyMac. Finally, it helps to clear many things we do not need: iTunes databases, iPhoto, Office caches, QuickTime temporary files, our clipboard, and the Mac user cache.




AppZapper -The uninstaller Apple forgot

This cleaning application is ideal for those who try too many applications and forget to uninstall. Many of them are not even easy to uninstall, so it never hurts to have specialized software for the erasing work. We just have to drag the applications we want to erase to the AppZapper icon, the program will track all related files and permanently delete them from the Mac.

The company claim that AppZapper is the “uninstaller Apple forgot to include”. Removing an application is not simply drag the icon to the trash. We must think of all the files we are leaving behind. AppZapper is very efficient at work and helps us tremendously, since it really eliminates everything. Therefore, and as with all applications that are responsible for clearing Mac, we must be careful and look closely at what is to be deleted before accepting it.





One of the most popular maintenance and utilities software for Mac is Cocktail. It helps Mac users clean, optimize and repair their Mac. It also has a lot of features which are worth a mention. As for maintenance of records, you can disable the use of logs, manage controls and permissions, check the status of the disks, and more. Cocktail can run automated scripts, periodic maintenance, optimize virtual memory usage, administer the Spotlight indexing, modify Time Machine settings, and the Trash Removal program.

The USP of Cocktail is its File Management features. Other prominent features include:

  • Deleting system caches, users, and fonts.
  • Delete temporary files, cookies; download lists, form values and browser history.
  • Clean cookies and cache from Adobe.
  • Trace and repair corrupt preference files.
  • Delete unnecessary files, like languages files of some applications.
  • Delete unnecessary log files.
  • Clear the DNS cache.
  • Remove suspect files or inaccessible password protected files.

Finally, one of the most attractive features is Cocktail ability to schedule all those tasks completely. Once we order the app what to do, it will cleanup cache files and logs, and repair other files running some periodic maintenance scripts on its own. The price is not ridiculous and it makes sense.

Remember that with a responsible and good file management, these applications will not have too much to do. Cocktail is my recommendation because of the automated regular maintenance feature where you don’t need to intervene to get tasks done. Even though we have this kind of programs, we may forget to do the maintenance when required. For the forgetful ones like me, Cocktail is an ideal choice.


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  1. When Mackeeper first rolled out, a one time payment would purchase software licenced for a lifetime. Well, you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true, and soon the company began violating its’own policy by charging for upgrades, twice a year, or so. I foolishly bought these upgrades and now I must contemplate cutting my losses by uninstalling this comprehensive, but intrusive software.

    But MacKeeper offers virus scan protection, and the alternatives you outlined only do system maintenance, albeit, very well.

    And If I contemplate long enough, the next $29 upgrade will arrive on my desktop.

    Actually, it’s already here. I see the big red arrow, on the dock icon, beckoning me to submit to further extortion.

    I appreciate what you have assembled, but find me something that also offers virus protection and I will uninstall MacKeeper in a heartbeat.

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