Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina Specifications Leaked

It seems that the predictions are being fulfilled, and Apple really is preparing a version of the huge 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina Display which was presented during WWDC this year. The latest “evidence” of this model has emerged with the annuncement of the results of benchmarks performed with Geekbench 2, listing the new Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina with CPU model and 4GB Ram identical to the leaks and rumours of mid-2012.

This Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina incorporates an Intel Core i7-3520M 2.9 GHz processor with 2 cores and surprisingly integrates only half the RAM than other business models, i.e. Intel Core i7 2.9 GHz processors are generally paired with 8GB RAM but in Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina, we have 4GB RAM only.

Macbook Pro 13 Inch Retina Display

This may be because it is a development model or prototype, not a finished machine. Of course this model will come with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and logically, Retina Display screen with high pixel density. The model MacbookPro10, 2, name that shows this unknown Apple laptop, could also be the work of the imagination of someone who has faked and played with hardware to fake GeekBench results.

Macbook Pro 13 Inch Retina Display Benchmark Results

Other details such as the ID of the integrated logic board on this computer also seem in line with previously published tracks, and the points obtained in the test, 7806, are also very close to that at the time the model 13-inch got in Mid 2012, with its 8GB of RAM Geekbench score goes up to 7,841 points.

Apart from the credibility that can be issued to this newtrack , the idea that Apple releases a new model Macbook Pro Retina Display seems less logical from the point of view of consumers, who would have a broader catalogue to choose from, and from the point of view of the Cupertino company, which has achieved success with its 15-inch version could certainly repeat with fans who do not want to jump to a larger screen size.

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