Looking to Buy a Windows 8 Laptop cum Tablet – Here are the Two Great Options

The launch of Windows 8 for both mobile and desktop platforms was eagerly awaited in 2012. While new handsets from different makers like Samsung and Nokia have already hit the shelves, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT (which is the tablet version of the operating system) are yet to be seen widely. If you are looking to buy a Windows 8 powered laptop cum tablet then the two devices described below would certainly excite you.


Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Ever since Lenovo bought IBM’s worldwide PC business, the company has been going great guns. The latest model in the IdeaPad series, the Yoga, is a testament to this fact. The Yoga is ideal for people who need the ergonomics of a tablet but with the convenience of a keyboard. This is exactly what the Yoga offers with its full sized keyboard coupled with Windows 8’s touch experience. The device is ideally suited for those who do not intend to use their devices primarily as tablets.


The screen on this Ultrabook stretches over 13.3 inches diagonally. It also sports multi-touch and uses capacitive technology to help make all the touch gestures smoother. The battery life on the Yoga is pretty impressive at around 6 hours, which is double that of most pure laptops. As for the keyboard, it is a touch typist’s delight. What further helps the Yoga’s ergonomics is the light weight (tipping the scales at under 3.5 lbs.)

The resolution on the Yoga is brilliant at 1600 x 900 pixels. The Yoga’s display panel can rotate a full 180 degrees and the device can also be used in the ‘tent’ mode, which allows for easy presentations and content sharing. A special mention must be made of the excellent speakers bundled into the Yoga by Lenovo.

Sony Duo 11

Most of the times, the Duo 11 manages to look like a tablet. This is because it features a seam that hides the sliding keyboard when the device is being lugged around. The slider is a fairly sturdy one and should last for a long time. The keyboard on the Duo 11 is Chiclet styled and is not the most attractive proposition for touch typists. Although it offers good tactile feedback and is quite functional, it’s too uncomfortable and cramped.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 two-580-90

Sony has made the Duo 11 very nimble at less than 3 lbs. The screen is an 11.6 inch unit and the display uses IPS technology, which is known to produce realistic colors and wide viewing angles. The full HD (1080p) resolution is another attractive aspect. The touchscreen experience on the device is also pretty smooth.

Each of the above devices has its pros and cons and it is advisable for you to pick one as per your needs. You can be assured of one thing and that is the combo of windows 8 and tablet experience. The thrill which you would be bestowed with is definitely going to be the desire of your neighbors.


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