Looking for Good To-Do Apps? These Three are Worth Trying

Smartphones are not indispensable merely because of the fact that they serve as a means of communication. Many users also tend to depend on their devices to remind them of the various tasks that need attention on a timely basis. It is not unusual to see a smartphone user having to-do lists for things as mundane as grocery shopping to something as important as work commitments. The three apps featured below are among the better to-do apps one can find across multiple platforms.


Google Tasks

A Google account is one of the most common things in the world. This fact is used very well by Google to come up with products that are not necessarily new when it comes to concept but are definitely unique when it comes to execution and reach. Google Tasks is a fine example of the same. It is a tool that allows users to create very simple to-do lists. And what has become a hallmark of all Google products, your gTask account too syncs wonderfully well, which means easy adding, editing, and even crossing-off of different tasks from a list.


The app is free and is available for Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android platforms.

Pros: Power users of Google will be happy with the seamless experience offered by the app, gTasks is also very user friendly.

Cons: The app does take a beating when compared to competitors on the features front.


One of the most lovable things about this app is that it predicts quite efficiently when you are typing out a task. This certainly gives Any.Do brownie points when it comes to saving time. It is also one of those few apps that harness the full potential of modern day smartphones’ multi-touch abilities. You can swipe to tick any task complete in your list, drag and drop tasks, or even shake your phone to banish all completed tasks. Sharing of tasks is pretty good on Any.Do although if you are strictly looking for this feature per se, you are better off with other apps.


Pros: Accurate prediction, uncluttered design and feel, note-taking through audio input.

The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.


A free app, Wunderlist is a hit because of its many features and a rather sleek interface. The app has a landscape view that allows users to have a good look at any scheduled tasks or projects. You can also add wallpapers to customize the look. Using this app, you can also invite other people to cooperate on tasks, update the status of any task/project using the ‘activity center’ feature, create tasks within tasks and add or remove notes to projects/tasks.


Pros: Automatic syncing, sleek design, useful reminders and collaboration.

Cons: Ability to specify priority is absent.

Wunderlist can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

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