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I got to know about the LG EnV3 cellular phone some months ago and I got so inspired that I finally bought it. The phone is sleek and slim apparently and has the spacious keyboard of QWERTY. The display is quite colourful and dual. It is easy to use and has the features which are updated such as HTML browser, and a camera with 3.0 megapixels.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone is the third phone of the LG series of Verizon. It has the keyboard which is re-designed with the updated camera of the megapixels 3.0. This cellular phone apparently looks like a candy bar having an external display which is tiny and the numeric key pad which is oversized. I have noticed later that the phone is capable of being open in flip length wise in order to show the large internal display and the complete QWERTY keyboard.

The external of the cell phone is made up of plastic of the high quality. The LG EnV3 cellular phone is small but thicker. The external display which is small is of 1.6 inch. The phone has the 5-way d-pad which is circular beneath the screen. There are shortcut keys for the CLR button and the contacts. The end key also performs a power function.

There is a 2.5 mm port for headphones at the edge of the cellular phone. The slot of the micro SD card is present as well. These slot and ports are covered by the plastic barriers to keep the external debris out. Another port which is of micro-USB charging is present at the bottom corner.


The dedicated camera button is also found with volume rocker as well which are easy to be pressed with a good tactile feedback.

When I opened my LG EnV3 cellular phone I got greeted by its resolution display having 2.6 inch which is quite bright and excellent. I can read through it very easily except when there is direct sunlight. There are stereo speakers on both sides of the phone. There is a four-row QWERTY keyboard on the inner bottom panel of the LG EnV3 cellular phone. The additional 5-way d-pad which is squared off is also present with other keys of end or send and the CLR button.

The core functions of the LG EnV3 cellular phone includes the CDMA which is of dual band which assists in connecting to the Verizon’s network with the support of the EV-DO for the data of high speed. The antenna of the phone is quite solid and it was difficult for me to find any of the low reception areas even the indoor areas.

The quality of the call is excellent. The sound is just superb crystal clear. The conversation is so clear even on the both sides. The speakerphone of the LG EnV3 cellular phone is quite clear and loud. I need to put my phone close for the purpose of microphone so that it picks up my voice.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone does not include the software of the PIM synchronization, but it has the USB cable and helps me to transfer the music and other stuffs from my computer. With the help of RemoSync which is already installed on this phone I am able to connect to the server of the corporate Microsoft Exchange. By this I my emails, calendar entries and contacts are synchronized.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone has astonishingly very simple application of contacts in which I can save numerous phone numbers of my friends and family along with their email addresses and physical addresses. The thumbnails can also be personalized as well as ringtones can also be personalized.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone does not support any screen names of the contacts for IM and it does not store any birthday. But the phone supports the speed dial fortunately which enables me to assign 998 speed dials.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone consists of the voice command which is speaker-independent and it enables me to have control on some of the phone features with the addition of call initiation. I activated this by closing the phone by pressing the button of CLR. If anyone wants to perform this action by keeping the phone opened then it can be done if the space bar is pressed which is present on the standby screen.

This phone supports both SMS and MMS. This is the first phone in my knowledge which enables me to choose the message view between standard time-based view and the threaded messages which is like the conversation in the IM form. There is on-board IM client on this phone which supports the Windows Live Messenger, AIM, and Yahoo without supporting the Gtalk or Jabber Network.

The email options in the LG EnV3 cellular phone are three in number all of them are under Email entry which is in the menu of the messaging. Corporate email, the mobile web mail and the mobile email are available. The mobile email allows me to connect to the numerous famous services of the web email. It also has the option which manually lets me enter my settings of the email server which is awesome for supporting Gmail. In order to connect to the server of the corporate Microsoft exchange, the Corporate Email uses RemoSync.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone has the battery of 950mAh which is apparently small but it is sufficient for this phone. This phone is capable to last up to a week on the standby but when I use it is capable of lasting for longer time. When I use it heavily for instance capturing lots of photos, email checking, sending numerous text messages and listening to music for an hour or so, the battery shows only one bar out of four of the battery lost.

The LG EnV3 cellular phone has a very nice application of the music player as it has the ability to browse the music through the artist album. The music player can also be sent to the background so that the other tasks can be carried out on the phone.

Although it is a little phone but I love it as it has numerous options which are very useful.

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