Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

While Microsoft has already made it abundantly clear that they will NOT be releasing a new Xbox games console in 2012, it is looking all the more likely by the day that the Xbox 720 has been earmarked for greatness next year.

In fact, what appears to be a leaked document of rather sizeable proportions has served up some of the most detailed and tantalizing insights as to what the company’s next gaming-powerhouse will deliver, suggesting that Microsoft has a very clear vision for the 720.

Leaked Document Reveals Xbox 720 Specs, $299 Price Tag and 2013 Launch

Blu-ray, 3D Output

The document outlines a myriad of potential new features and updates to debut with the Xbox 720 next year, including Blu-ray support, 3D output and vastly improved motions sensor technology. Also suggested is that the console will deliver six-times the performance of the Xbox 360, 1080p full HD output and remain in a “continually on” state.

One of the slides contained within the document suggests that a dual-processor system may be used for backward compatibility purposes, manifesting in the form of eight 2GHz cores for future titles and three PPC cores for Xbox 360 games and software.

The ‘Only’ Device You Need

Microsoft also states within the document that the Xbox 720 will be the “only” device any room needs to provide comprehensive and extensive entertainment and communication. The new console is said to offer full TV recording and playback, while being built around Windows 8 will offer massive cross-compatibility and a familiar user interface.

The document is rounded off by perhaps the most astounding entry of all – a suggestion that the Xbox 720 will hit the shelves for under $300.

Of course, the so-called ‘leaked’ document could be as fraudulent as the vast majority of others currently doing the rounds, though immediately after being spotted and highlighted, it mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

Maybe the beady eyes of the rumor-mill really were onto something this time.

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