Kindle Fire HD – Education with Entertainment

Teaching students is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires patience and integration of some play way methods. Kindle Fire is an amazing tool for educating children in an entertaining manner. This device is a colorful tablet with an appropriate size which can easily be used by the kids. It is capable of accessing a wide range of reading materials in which the kids might be interested like video games, e-books, apps and music. The latest version of Kindle Fire is Kindle Fire HD which offers new features and has provided a new power in the hands of parents to educate their children.


Product Features

The latest Kindle Fire HD is a seven inch tablet with some amazing features which are further discussed in the article.

  • Enhanced viewing experience with a HD display supported by anti glare features.
  • High sound clarity with Dolby speakers.
  • Quick video streaming and faster downloads with a dual antenna and dual band Wi-Fi feature.
  • A dual core processor of 2 GHz and 3D graphics offering consistent performance.
  • Wide collection of movies, music, television shows, magazines, apps, e-books and games such as Pandora and Angry Birds.
  • Incorporated online support to access social networking websites like Twitter, facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and much more.
  • A high definition and high quality camera using which the users can take photographs using either Facebook or Skype.
  • Using the Free time characteristic offered by the tablet, the parents can limit the browsing time and content for their kids.
  • The users can browse unlimited videos, movies and television shows using the Prime Instant Video feature.
  • The Lending Library feature allows the users to borrow around 180000 books free of cost.

Product Description

Nothing is best than Kindle fire HD’s 7 inch screen when it comes to high resolution and displays. The device offers high quality videos in rich colors. Supported by anti-glare feature and polarizing filter, it offers an enhanced viewing pleasure to the individuals. Some important facts related to the display of Kindle Fire HD are discussed below.

  • On-screen glare


Normally the tablets available in the market are made up of two glasses which include a top touch sensor and an underneath LCD. It is due to the air gap between the two glasses that there are distracting reflections which reduce the display quality affecting the resolution. Kindle Fire HD has resolved this issue by using a single layer in the display screen enhancing the quality of resolution.

  • Richer colors


The rich colors of the videos displayed on Kindle Fire HD are due to the use of a polarizing filter which is placed on the top of LCD panel. It is due to this feature that the device shows richer colors with deep contrast.

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