Keyboard Is Easier And Mighter Than Mouse

Whenever we are working on the PC we always rely on the mouse to get most of our job done but to get the job done more quickly keyboard is ideal choice. Well most of you would say that this is not the case as with mouse everything is a single click away but it’s not true.

If you consider the complexity we have to hold the mouse and take the pointer all the way to the icon or link that we want then to click it. But with a keyboard we have to just select it with some taps on certain keys and that link or icon is selected and enter.


Those who are interested in the quickest way of getting things done then this guide will provide you with some tips of windows shortcuts and hotkeys as follows:

1.  Create shortcuts to your favorite application:

You can create keyboard shortcuts for your favorite application which will allow you to launch them directly without having to search for them. To make this possible:

  • Go to start menu and select the application of your choice and right click.
  • Select properties and then go to shortcuts.
  • In the shortcut key field type in the keys or combination of keys eg. Ctrl+E or Ctrl+Alt+E.
  • This will speed up the launching of your favorite application.

2.  Create New Windows Shortcuts:

To do this you need an application called WinKey which will enable you to create new custom windows shortcuts. After installation you can check the standard shortcuts in windows by clicking properties.

  • To create a new shortcut you need to click on the app and click on the paper icon.
  • Then select the shortcut key from a list of displayed shortcuts.
  • Then you need to select the run mode from a list within the drop down box.
  • Once done click ok and it will be listed on the main shortcut window
  • To launch the application just use the shortcut you have defined and your done

3.  Create Administrator Mode shortcuts:

If you haven’t disable the UAC prompts in windows 7 then it should be really annoying because it keeps on popping up when you’re trying to make changes to the system. There is a simple method to prevent this UAC prompt from popping up without having to disable the UAC mode. To do this:

  • You need to open task schedule library which you can access by searching it in the start menu.
  • Then click on create task and give a small name to the task without any spaces.
  • Check the box for run with highest privileges.
  • Now select the Actions tab and browse the application that you want to start.
  • After selecting the application click ok to close the dialog box and a new task should have been created in the list. Right click it and select run to see if it actually launches.
  • Now create the shortcut to launch this application or task.
  • Right click on the desktop and select shortcut and then add a command that will run the scheduled task or application.
  • Make sure to enter it like this schtasks /run /tn “TASK OR APP” replace task or app with the name of your application or task.
  • Now name the shortcut and click finish
  • Now you should have a shortcut on the desktop that will launch the application in administrator mode.
  • You can modify the shortcut more by adding your own keyboard shortcut to launch the application or task from the shortcuts properties.
  • Now you have an application that will launch without any UAC prompt.
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