The Very First Impressions of the Apple iPhone 5

Apple is up with a new phone and finally it’s official that the device has been named iPhone 5 and not the New iPhone, as with the iPad. The new iPhone is bigger, lighter and thinner. Apple did it smartly without increasing the phone width but by eliminating the bands across the screen to a bit.

The whole screen can be comfortably accessed with the thumb when you hold the iPhone 5 in your hand. Also the new larger screen made an extra space for an additional row of apps.

iPhone 5 Front look

The iPhone 5 features a lot of the same unibody finish and 18% reduction in thickness, considering the current profile of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The best feelings that that come out when we take the new iPhone 5 in hand is, both, the quality of construction and the lightness together with the strength of the unibody design which give the iPhone 5 an amazing quality.

iPhone 5 - Screen

The 16:9 screen works particularly well, especially for playing videos, and of course it shows much the fact that Apple has integrated touch sensors on the display and the new colour saturation is 44% higher and playing videos or viewing photos on the iPhone 5 is a spectacular experience.

iphone 5 nano sim card

The new Nano Sim, 19 Pin connector and the EarPods were also a thing of attraction and a step forward in making technology bigger and things smaller.

iPhone 5 in Pictures

iPhone 5 in Video

P.S: Some of the photographs were taken from Mashable.

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