iPhone 4S Outselling 4G LTE Rivals Including Samsung Galaxy S3

If you were under the impression that one of the biggest selling-points of all carried by the upcoming iPhone 5 would be that of 4G LTE connectivity, newly gathered sales figures would seem to argue otherwise.

In fact, despite the fact that the iPhone 4S delivers no 4G LTE bragging-rights and is becoming more antiquated by the day, it is still attracting more sales than 4G LTE powerhouses including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTX One X – at least on the AT&T network.

iPhone 4S Outselling 4G LTE Rivals Including Samsung Galaxy S3

An Underdog Triumphs?

Taking into account the fact that the iPhone 4 packs nothing more than a paltry dual-core processor, an OS that is anything but new and a 3.5-inch screen which by today’s standards seems like something of a postage-stamp, it would seem impossible that it would be able to hold its own again new-generation Smartphones the likes of the Galaxy S3.

Should the figures prove accurate therefore, evidence clearly points to a situation where branding, reputation and general prowess in the industry matter to the consumer exponentially more than raw-power and under-the-hood specs – a business model that Apple has championed all along.

Apple has never been shy to admit that its products do not always set the bar in terms of power, but what iOS offers in overall user-friendliness tips the bar in Apple’s favor to a bewildering extent. As such, it seems that even 4G LTE connectivity or lack thereof will play a role in the iPhone 5’s success, though chances are the sixth-generation iPhone will indeed be 4G LTE compatible and will therefore clean house.

Larger Screen, New OS

4G LTE aside, rumor also has it that the iPhone 5 will be the first to sport a larger screen size of perhaps 4-inches, though with a slightly altered aspect ratio in order to preserve the quality of its OS.

Speaking of which, iOS 6 Beta 3 has just been released by Apple for the use of app developers and third-party software groups, indirectly confirming that its release date is on the horizon. Apple has so far reveled that iOS will land in the fall with a new map/navigation feature, improved Facebook integration and a more powerful Siri voice assistant, though full details and precise release dates are pending.

As the iPhone 5 is expected to be the device to showcase all iOS 6 has to offer, the two are likely to share the same release date, most probably early October.

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