iPad Mini Pricey, But Perfectly Sized Tablet. Isn’t?

Do you agree Apple’s iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet? To me it seems to be a big YES. Oh yes, but at a price of course. Almost of same landscape the other brands are cheaper, if not much then a little bit for sure. Well, a remarkably thinner and lighter iPad Mini should come with a price, and obviously when it is from the house of iPhone, iPod, iMac makers.

The one thing that pinches my pocket and hurts me is that it lacks Retina Display. More to this, it even is not close to the high-resolution as other 7 inchers. If you are an obsessive like me over crisp text then you may notice the fuzziness in its screen. For me tablet’s screen should be as good as that we have found in iPhone 5, iPod Touch and Retina iPad. Oh yes, I never compare it to the screen of a laptop.

Well, enough of criticism.

When you pick iPad Mini… believe me, it is shockingly nice to hold. A design shift in the product from the first three full-fledged iPad is in fact the biggest ever in the history of iPad. Even though the original iPad and its two successors are very popular, but those are not as (very) comfortable as what we have got today from the iDevice giant. Also, the iPad Mini is truly easy-to-hold device.

You love gaming? iPad Mini is perfect for you then. It is better than iPad. It is more comfortable two-handed gaming device, a spectacular experience I must say.


Yes, if I keep writing each and every goodness of iPad Mini, even 10 times the length of this article will be short. Let me give real users a chance to pen down some of their experiences in the below comment section. Waiting.

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