iPad App Released To Show Inner Workings Of Einstein’s Brain

The National Museum of Health and Medicine launched yesterday an app for the iPad with 350 scanned and digitized slides of brain of great scientist Albert Einstein.

Associated Press reported that the goal of this new iPad app is to provide students, scientists and other people to see the inner workings of Einstein’s brain.

Steve Landers, the consultant for the national museum said he can’t wait to find out what people will discover from the app and would like to think that Einstein too would have been excited with this new app.

After the death of Einstein in 1955 his brain was removed and preserved by a pathologist Thomas Harvey. He gave samples of Einstein’s brain to researches to conduct studies on it. It was found Einstein’s brain was bigger than normal brains, specially the parts which were responsible for focus on learning and understanding mathematics as well as spatial relationships.

AP added the new iPad app organizes each slides into the general brain regions. Well, the entire brain is no available in slides as researches failed to map certain portions of it.

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The museum is still pleases with whatever they are offering to the iPad users in the app. Jim Paglia, board member of the museum, said the app could “inspire a whole new generation of neuroscientists”.

The app is priced tagged $9.99.

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