Incredible Navigation Apps from Windows Phone

Windows Phone is from the family of Microsoft which is the assistance for mobile operating system. It was first launched on October 2010 and released in Asia in early 2011. The device features a user interface that is based on design system of Microsoft’s phone design system. The start screen is built with Live Tiles that is dynamic and updated in real time.

It is based on multi-touch technology and prolongs the battery life on OLED screens too. This makes it more demanding than EE iPhone contracts. The keys are situated in landscape modes which is large and spaced apart from each other.

navigation apps windows phone

Let’s find out some of the best navigation apps for Windows Phone

gMaps Pro

gMaps Pro is a navigation app from Windows Phone that was recently introduced into the market. It includes certain options like keyword searches; discover local business, an excellent map layer and turn-by-turn directions. The layer controls right upper corner that includes traffic, bicycle routes, compass, mass transit, weather and Google latitude layer. It assures some features like

  • Share your Location with friends on Google Latitude Multilingual
  • Sharing map by message/email

GPS Info

The GPS Info is a free navigation app by Windows operating system. This app helps you display and share the GPS data with friends. It also coordinates the longitude and latitude of the chosen place. It states all the cases like speed, nearby petrol stations, car service center and more while moving. It even calculates the GPS time and date, altitude, vertical & horizontal accuracy. With the latest technology similar to EE 4g UK coverage, it displays the date in both formats like metric and English.

Inrix Traffic

The Inrix Traffic is the free app that makes you avoid traffic and frustration. It enables to find the fastest routes to reach home & work as soon as possible. It also helps view the best option for departure times, which helps you reach home quickly. It easily forecasts the best choice for reaching home by getting data from 100 million drivers around. It also gets time updates about the arrival and departure time.


The Yandex.Maps is another free navigation app that lets you find your way in the city and also avoid traffic. It provides access to the detailed maps of 300 towns and also cities that are present in your pocket. This app makes you plan your journeys immediately by simply tapping the starting and destination point on the map. Every time it gives real time traffic updates.

Destination Manager

The Destination Manager is a navigation app from Windows that indicates the nearby places with directions. Firstly, it takes the current position as a starting point for nearby places. It’s simple and enhanced turn by turn navigation system makes the user drive safely. This is the complete app for any place with locating alarms. No other app is required for the device for navigation information.

The above listed apps are the top navigation apps for Windows phone that you can download.

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