Improve the Firefox Experience by Adding Features from Other Browsers

For many people, Firefox is their browser of choice. However, there comes a point when almost everybody tries something new and in case of web browsers, most of us tend to fall in love with a couple of features nestled within a new browser. That said, with the advent of add-ons, pretty much anything can be done on Firefox. The same can also be used to add some of your favorite features from other web browsers to Firefox.


Google Chrome


  • New Tab Jumpstart – This add-on replaces the stock start page of Firefox with the one that is found on Chrome. Just like Chrome, the start page here features thumbnails of recently visited pages apart from the immediate browsing history.
  • Locationbar2 – This add-on allows you to explore an URL by clicking on its different segments. It also adds domain highlighting and a few other useful features found in Chrome. Text and colors can both be customized to your liking.
  • Download Statusbar – All downloads in Chrome are displayed at the browser window’s bottom and you can do the same with Firefox by using this add-on. It also further lets you customize the experience with a number of appearance settings and other options.
  • Mozilla Prism – This add-on mainly allows you to prism apps from the Firefox browser. Such apps can be launched through any shortcut akin to usual desktop programs and also feature a browser-inspired user interface.
  • App Tabs – You can have certain tabs open all the time and across different browsers until explicitly closing them thanks to this add-on. They are also locked to prevent accidental closing.



  • All-In-One Sidebar – One of the most useful sidebar designs can be seen in Opera. You can replicate the same in Firefox using this extension.
  • FireGestures – You can command your way through Firefox using a number of gestures brought in by add-ons. FireGestures, though, allows you to do almost every one of them. Wheel gestures, mouse movement gestures, keypress gestures and rocker gestures are just some of the gestures you can use with this add-on.
  • FireTorrent – Opera can very well serve the Bittorrent needs of its users. To add the same functionality to your Firefox browser, use the FireTorrent add-on.
  • Tab Preview – This add-on’s name is pretty self-explanatory as it allows you to see a preview of any tab by hovering the cursor over it.
  • Speed Dial – A good alternative to Chrome’s New Tab JumpStart, this add-on replicates Opera’s popular Speed Dial feature that gives users instant access to 9 of their most visited webpages.

Internet Explorer


  • myFireFox & Fireclip – The former add-on is made for those preferring the IE look on their Firefox browser. The latter is a bit more productive in the sense that it allows users to clip different parts of any web page and keep a watch for any changes.



FoxTab – This extension incorporates some beautiful 3D effects into Firefox. Apart from offering users the choice of different tab layouts, FoxTab also replaces the default manner of switching tabs.

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  1. Astro Gremlin says:

    That fox graphic kind of scared me! I use both Chrome and Firefox with lots of plugins.

    • Pravash Behera says:

      Ah! It is a smarter way to organize your tabs and easy as well. You should give it another shot.

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