Imminent Games Releases Drip Drip For PC and Mac Version

Imminent Games has announced to release its casual strategy game ‘Drip Drip for the PC and Mac Versions, and will be available for purchase at Desura on October 2, 2012. The strategy lovers can enjoy the game, as it gives a classic 2D feel with RTS inspired point and click controls.

The storyline tells about a devastating storm in the cities of the US that crumbles buildings and people, and are in dire need of assistance. The water leakage due to damage of internal system threatens to flood the basements and threatening buildings to collapse at any time.

The game is all about drip collection where the player is an elite drip collection and collaborate with the Disaster Response Team.

The player is geared with number of tools including water collector, building fixing tools and others. The player has to travel across the US, in different cities on their mission to ensure the safety of each building.

The game is funny yet very exciting as a player has to collect water with the help of pans, buckets and barrels, and move around small houses to towering skyscrapers. After filling the container water need to dump out of windows, which will give money to the player so that containers and other tools can be bought.

The atmosphere is water logged and continuous downpour gives a difficult situation to save buildings. That’s not enough yet; there are UFO, Ghost, Witch Doctor and Lightning Bolts during each storm cycle.

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Some of the features of game are:

  • 24 unique buildings, traveling from small building to apartment, slums to towering skyscrapers, with various level of difficulties.
  • There are threats of UFO, Ghost, Witch Doctor and Lightning Bolts
  • Real time water drop and puddle simulation.
  • 44 achievement to open
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