Images Of Nexus Tablet From Asus And Google Flooded Over Internet

There are images of the much hyped Nexus tablet from Asus Google all over the internet. Some say they are the draft images for press release and others question the legitimacy of these images.

Whatever is the case, these images have created much hype about this new tablet and there are many people waiting for an official statement regarding the release of this product.

By examining the images carefully, one can draw some clues about the features offered in this tablet. At first glance, you can easily mistake this tablet to a bigger Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. It seems that this tablet is highly inspired from the styling cues of Samsung Galaxy.

Front view is exactly like a big smart phone. On the back side, there are two colors, black and silver. There are sensors on the front and back of the tablet.

Camera for video calling and rear camera can be easily observed in the images. The only glitch is the placement of proximity sensor and speakers. They are located on the top of frontal side of nexus tablet and this is an unusual location for them in a tablet. It raises doubt regarding the legitimacy of images. Let us wait for the official word to confirm the design of this tablet.

Another revolutionary feature is this tablet design suggests that it operates in portrait mode while all the Android tablets till now work in landscape mode.

It seems Google is serious in expanding its Nexus brand and hence it tied-up with Asus to bring this tablet. There is Asus logo on the back side of this tablet and hence it is clear that Asus is manufacturing Nexus tablet with the cooperation from Google.

There are some specifications released too along with these images. Quad-Core Nvidia Tegra 3 is the processor used in this tablet and one Gigabyte RAM is provided. The operating system is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it is an updated version of the existing 4.0 ICS. These specifications suggest that a unique tablet is waiting to enthrall the gadget freaks.

It is also expected that this tablet features 3D Google Maps and this is another refreshing feature offered from Google.

I/O conference of Google is from 27th of June and some official news about this tablet is expected if it is real.

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