Review: HP Envy x2 11-g010nr 11.6-Inch Convertible Laptop

The HP Envy X2 is a laptop cum tablet that is capable of running Windows 8. One has to admit that this type of device is what exactly Microsoft had considered while they were developing Windows 8. So it is a very fascinating experience of touchscreen PC that also has the ability to become a tablet. It offers a wide array of touchscreen benefits in a laptop. This kind of device is an entirely new species in the world of technology. Despite of the fact that it is an entirely an early entry in the new arena, it quite sophisticated and polished.

It is a convertible device which supports each and every application which I could think of. This device is dislodged into two pieces and it becomes tablet. This laptop/tablet is of 11.6 inches in size and has the body weighing 3 pounds.
The HP Envy X2 is quite thin. It does not have any hard specifications. While using it feels like iPad although the ratio of 16:9 makes quite a different experience. It is used in the horizontal mode as well. The vertical mode is great for the purpose of reading certain web pages and the books.

HP has used premium design and for this it has worked really hard. The back of this device is made up of the silver aluminium. It has the front bezel in black and the metal surround. The volume toggle is present in the left of the HP Envy X2 laptop/tablet. This device has the sleep, power and wake button in the right side of it.

The screen of this device is pretty good but not as amazing as expected. Personally I feel that the contrast levels could be bit higher. The size is perfectly 11.6 inch with the resolution of 1366 x 768 therefore, it has great angles of viewing. The brightness is exceptional. This device when used outside is not of much problem as HP has backed this up by the IPS panel by 400 nits of brightness almost.

The HP Envy X2 has the web cam at the top most front. The back part has the camera of 8 MP with LED flash. There is a built in NFC chip as well. At the bottom of the HP Envy X2 the speakers are present. There is no keyboard dock. The micro SD card slot is present additionally therefore, you are not bound to the built in flash storage of the device. In the keyboard portion also there is a full sized slot for SD card. These both slots can be used at the same time theoretically.

As told previously that it is pretty light in weight. The tablet weighs 1.5 pounds that is the half of the weight when docked up together. On the other hand while the device is docked up together it weighs another 1.6 pounds. The weight of the whole unit is 3.1 pounds.

While talking about the keyboard portion, there isn’t much to discuss. The keyboard contains the USB ports, power adapter, SD card slot, trackpad, keyboard, and battery. The most interesting thing about this device is its detachable slate which not only gives you the tablet without the keyboard but also longer battery timing as it has another battery as well.

The HP Envy X2 will consume the battery of the keyboard first. It is quite fascinating for me as when I am done with the keyboard battery, I pop out the tablet part and enjoy the fully charged internal battery in the tablet. The battery life in the tablet mode is up to 7 hours in average whereas while it is attached and used in a laptop mode the battery life increased to almost 12 hours. In this way the dual battery gives so many benefits.

Various people in my office after observing this machine around the desk ask me if it is an Apple’s laptop. The other design feature which we are not too much convinced about is the integration of the power buttons well as the volume rocker. They are not put aside by HP but rather they are made a part of lid. I think this could have been much more amazing and attractive if HP had kept the brushed finish as the surroundings.

Undoubtedly the HP Envy X2 is pretty stylish and good looking. It a well built tablet/laptop. The aggressive tapering has made it apparently most slimmest hybrids on the market of Windows 8. It feels kind of cold while holding in the hand. The outer finish of metal gives the rich feeling of the quality. Unfortunately the tactile pattern and the lack of anodising have made the tablet part of the HP Envy X2 a bit slippery. HP placed the jack of the tablet’s headphone on the bottom of the HP Envy X2 probably for the aesthetic reason. However the headphones can still be plugged in by having the tablet docked as the base of the keyboard replicates the jack of 3.5mm.

There is a hinge which is protruding and it joins the tablet and the dock. It allows the device to rise upwards while it is in the laptop mode. The hinge of the dock carries the tablet quite securely and thereby it offers strength with the open or close action quite nicely graded.

The HP Envy X2 has the storage of 64 GB in which up to 10 GB is dedicated to the restore partition. The device has the 2GB RAM but there is not any option to further increase the RAM. It is powered by the processor which is Intel Atom Z2760 that is a dual core unit of 1.8 GHz. This is found to be fair enough as when compared to the other tablets.
There are few cons as well. This device does not have the processing power as strong as the current desktops and the other laptops of the larger bodies. Although it is true that it is superior to almost every tablet according to my knowledge. Conclusively it is an outstanding device overall which is highly capable to function both as laptop and tablet.

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