How To Use Truecrypt – The Ultimate Encryption Guide

If you are looking for a sure way to encrypt your computer then truecrypt is the ideal encrypting solution for all your drives in your PC that will help to protect your data and privacy. Truecrypt is an open source and free encrypting.

Truecrypt will allow you on the fly encryption of the drives. This is a good feature because it’s a hassle for always encrypting and decrypting the device automatically rather than you doing it by yourself.

Using Truecrypt

So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use truecrypt efficiently and also encrypt all your data quickly

How To Install Truecrypt And Use It

  1. After you download the truecrypt from their official site just run the installer and also associate .tc file extension. After installation is finished launch truecrypt
  2. After you launch it you will be asked to view the tutorial you can skip it since you will be going through this guide or you can view the tutorial for more understanding.
  3. Now click on Create volume button which launch the volume creation wizard and will prompt you to choose the type of volume you want to create.
  4. For now you can select create an encrypted file container and then wizard will ask you whether you want to create a standard or hidden volume.
  5. Go with the option of standard volume
  6. Now after you click next you need to pick a name and location of the volume.  Click next
  7. Now in the next step you need to pick an encryption standard for now select AES encryption
  8. In the next step you need to select the volume size
  9. The next step is the password generation which should be at least 20 character long for better security
  10. Before you get on creating the volume the wizard will inform you whether the file size is enough or not. If you are planning on encrypting larger file size then you should select a drive with larger size. Once you are sure of your choice click on format.
  11. After the formatting has been completed you will be returned back to original main screen of Truecrypt and you volume is now *.TC file which is now ready to be mounted by truecrypt
  12. Now click on select file button and navigate to the file you just created and select Y to mount it and then enter the password
  13. After you go to my computer you will notice that your volume is mounted as a drive

Congratulations you have successfully mounted your drive in truecrypt which will make sure that all your data remains encrypted and stashed. Make sure that after you have copied the file you wanted to the volume click on dismount from the truecrypt.

Do let us know if you know of any other way with which you can encrypt your files and store them securely.

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