How To Use The Trigger App To Control Your Android Device

Android is a highly customizable OS that lets you choose how you want your phone to behave in your day to day usage. Even if you get bored with how your android device looks and behaves you can always download one of the many custom launchers that are available in the Play store to get a completely new user experience out of the same device.

Recently a new type of launcher has launched in the Play store that redefines how you will control your android device and also it puts the touch screen of your device to maximum use. It’s a new complete gesture based launcher that is very fun to use. You can use different gestures to launch apps as well access different aspects of your phone.


So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use trigger to control you android device with the help of gestures.

How To Use Trigger To Control Android With Gesture

  1. Visit the play store to download the Trigger app. The free version supports ads and has limited gestures that can be put to use while the paid version removes the two limitation of the free app.
  2. After you have downloaded the app launch it and you will be presented with a step by step tutorial.
  3. On your screen you will notice an icon called trigger which on tapping gives you a hotspot that allows you to draw the gesture. The icon isn’t always visible you can either shake the phone to make it visible or make it visible permanently by changing the options.
  4. Once you launch the app you will notice the tabs for apps, panels, shortcuts, settings and extra. You can tap on the + button to access more options.
  5. When you tap on the apps panel it will display all the list of the apps that are installed on your phone and then you can select a particular app which will show you space on the right where you can draw a particular gesture that will allow you to launch that app.
  6. After you have drawn the gesture tap on the tick mark at top right corner of the screen to confirm it.
  7. Every time you won’t be able to draw the gesture perfectly so it’s obvious that you need to practice until you can draw a perfect gesture. You can even set the sensitivity and accuracy of the gesture drawn.


There you have an easy way with which you can use trigger to launch apps that you frequently use by using the trigger button and drawing the gesture. You will immediately notice that using your smartphone was never this efficient.

Do let us know if you know of any other ways that can help you to launch apps and other features of the phone quickly.

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