How To Use The Advanced Feature Of Gmail In Your Android Smart Phone

Having your Google account synced through your android phone not only allows you to backup and restore data of your apps but you can also access your Gmail from your android device easily. With the sync on you receive new emails, send and even edit the mails that are there in your inbox.

Most of the time the inbox is filled with emails that are full of offers or some kind of newsletter that you hardly follow anymore. So to keep your inbox nice and tidy you are constantly clearing your emails manually and checking your email two or three times a day.


In the latest update of Gmail app Google have included the priority inbox that allows you to keep a close eye on the emails that matters to you and leaving the rest for you to read when you have the time to spare.

So we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to set up your Gmail app properly and certain tweaks that will allow you to become the master of your email very careful.

How To Set Up The Priority Inbox In Gmail

  1. Open the Gmail app in your android device and depending on the screen size of your device you will find the priority inbox either on left side or you can bring it up by tapping on your account name.
  2. Tap on the priority inbox and you will see all the emails that have a yellow symbol next to them. This symbol denotes that the emails are of high priority and are placed in this priority inbox.
  3. Now you can change the importance of the email from within the app by selecting the email and then bringing up the menu through which you can change the setting or you can just select the email in your inbox and then tap the label icon to toggle its importance.
  4. The more emails you label as important the more Google learns as to what kind of emails are important to you. You can also manage the labels by going in to the menu and tap on manage labels and tap on priority inbox.
  5. You can also set up the Gmail app so that every time you receive a priority email you will be alerted. To set up a custom tone that will allow you to differentiate from other emails go to the settings menu in the Gmail App and tap on ring tones.
  6. To set up your priority inbox as the default inbox so that the moment you open the Gmail app you are taken straight to the priority inbox go to the settings menu and tap on your account. Then set up priority inbox as your default inbox.


There you have a simple tweaks that will allow you to read important emails in your android device no matter where you are.

Do let us know of any other tweaks that will help to make using Gmail app more efficient. 

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