How to use OneNote as a Task Manager for the iPhone

Microsoft Office OneNote is considered to be one of the most useful applications provide by Microsoft systems. It has the ability to take note of the activities happening to your computer or laptop, or you can also use it as the keepsake of your most crucial passwords you created. Because of being a useful application, iPhone managed to adapt this application to be installed on iPhone.

If you are planning to download OneNote for iPhone, it is available for free on but as of now, it is restricted to the users who reside within United States. If you are outside United States, you can try visiting this link and check if it can allow you to install the OneNote app for iPhone.

The fact that OneNote can help you take down notes on your computer and access it anywhere by going into its secured cloud website; it is really a helpful tool for everyone.

Using OneNote for iPhone as Task Manager

If you are looking for a handy note, then OneNote iPhone is a stress reliever. It can allow you to sync both OneNote from computer and iPhone.

To setup the OneNote Notebook:

  1. Start by having an account on Windows Live. You can go to this link and sign in. If you do not have an account, then just sign up and it is completely free.
  2. Now, go to the OneNote application on your desktop. You can create a new note or just edit an existing one. To do this, look for “Choose File”, then click “Share” and proceed to “Web”. From there, you may now access your notebook from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.
  3. Now, you will need to create the OneNote’s tasks list. You have 2 options in succeeding with this. First, on the “New Page” option, click the downward arrow to access the dropdown menu. Then, click “Page Templates” and choose “Simple To-Do List”. The other way would be by just typing anywhere on the interface with your note. After that, press ctrl+1 on your keyboard and then, choose if you will shift it to a to-do or task item.
  4. Lastly, you will now need to open the OneNote app on your iPhone. Sign in with your created Windows Live ID. From there, you can view the pending tasks and just download it to your iPhone. After downloading, you can now edit and add tasks even by just using your iPhone. After doing all the changes, just tap the “Sync” button and after that, it will now be seen on your OneNote Notebook and desktop as well.

For the first versions of OneNote app for iPhone, it does not support HTML rich tasks which are its limitation. However, OneNote is really a helpful tool in having a task manager since you do not have to open a different application just to sync your task lists. Although there are already lots of separate task managers created for iPhone, it is just OneNote which has the ability to sync desktop, website, and iPhone tasks with a single application.

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