How To Use KeePass To Securely Store Your Password

There must have been many instances when you had difficulty in generating a very secure password due to which you might have used a very easypassword for protecting your email or desktop. As a result of the weak password your account must have been hacked and your data messed with.


Now you can use keepass to generate very strong long and tough to guess passwords that is guaranteed not to fail. So we have prepared this guide which will enable you to create long passwords and also store then securely so that they do not fail in wrong hands.

How To Use KeePass

  1. For the purpose of this guide we will be using the KeePass 2.09 which you can download it from their official site and installing it is a very easy procedure also.
  2. After you have installed it click on File and then New to create a password database
  3. For this purpose you need to create a master password which will allow you to access your database. Be sure to use a very strong master password which incorporates lots of numbers and characters.
  4. After the master file is created you can start entering the passwords in it so just right click the window and click on Add entry
  5. You need to fill in the different fields that you see and also the password field
  6. If you want more secure password you can use keepass to generate a random password for you by clicking on the button next to the password field
  7. After the entry has been created you can right click on the entry to view a host of option that can allow you to edit or view the entry and also add details
  8. Before you exit keepass you need to save the changes which can be done by clicking on the box that pops up
  9. If someone does get the hold of your password database then the only way they can access it is with the master password so be sure to enter a very difficult alphanumeric password
  10. Another useful feature of the KeePass is the password generation utility that will allow you to generate random password with the characters you want. You can also select the option to what the random password should contain


So there you have an easy guide which not only outlines you on how to generate strong passwords but also how to store them securely so that no one can get access to them and also you will have the peace of mind that no matter what your password cannot be guessed.

So do let us know on what you think and also if there are any other ways with which you can generate strong password and also store them securely.

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