How To Use Google Plus To Update Facebook And Twitter

“Google plus is our most referral traffic source”  -Mashable .

Mashable is the biggest site which has been critiquing, observing, analyzing on social media sites. On their opinion we can easily understand the significance of Google plus’s for traffic generation and engaging with audiences.

And most importantly other social medias like Facebook and Twitter also not insignificant to leave totally. How it would be if you could use Google Plus to update other social media like Facebook and Twitter to get in touched with all the audience of  Facebook and twitter?

Use Google Plus To Update Facebook And Twitter

Yes it would be obviously leveraging for your business. In this blog post i will give you in detail tutorial of using Google plus to update Facebook and Twitter.

In this method i will Show you the steps to connect Google plus with twitter to update and then Using that same twitter update as Facebook Status update. Cool right?

Step 01: Visit and sign up with your twitter account. You directly sign in with your twitter account easily.

Step 02: On your twittercounter Dashboard you have go to the “My Settings” tab. Then Click “Twittermail” Tab to set up your twitter mail.

Step 03: Fill the required field for setting up twittermail carefully. Note down the twittermail email address.

Step 04: Carefully change the ” what to tweet” field to “body

The reason you need to set up twittermail

Google plus has a feature to send any update via email and here the idea is to receive Google plus update via twittermail which ultimately tweet the update.

To send the updates as tweet you have to following things on Google Plus.

01. Create a new Circle

02. Add your twittermail address in the circle.

03. Save the settings and Go check out by updating anything on your Google Plus.

Now we need connect your twitter account to Facebook to post all the Twits as Facebook status update.

Follow the simple steps bellow :

1. Find Twitter app from the search box of Facebook.

2. Log in with your twitter account . in the app page you will have set the option either you want to connect your profile or pages.

3. Press allow and you are done with the processes.

Now whatever you want to update on Google plus will be visible on twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

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