How To Use Google Analytics To Get Detailed Stats About Your Tumblr Blog

Google Analytics is a free service that will allow you to get detailed statistics about your websites such as how many people are visiting your website and other such related details

Depending on those information you can adjust your strategy on maintaining your website and also increase your earning from the ads. Google analytics is more useful when you own a Tumblr blog.

Google Analytics For Tumblr Blog

You use this service to find out how who is linking to your posts and how many people are visiting your blog. So we have prepared a guide for you with which you can use Google Analytics to keep a track of your blogs statistics and also improve upon them.

Registering With Google Analytics

  1. Go to the Google analytics service and sign up for their service
  2. .after you logged in now click on the sign up button to start the registration of your site
  3. In the website’s url enter the address of your tumblr blog. After you have entered all the information they are asking for then click on continue
  4. In this screen enter your name and country of residence
  5. After clicking on the agree license agreement click on create new account and you are done.
  6. In the next page Google Analytics will show you a code that you have to paste to your tumblr blog. The code is usually a tracking id and is similar to UA-12345678-9.
  7. Find the tracking ID code copy it and then proceed to add Google Analytics to your tumblr blog

How To Add Google Analytics To Your Tumblr

  1. Now head to your tumblr blog and click on customize in your dashboard
  2. Then click on appearance tab and find the Google Analytics ID field. So paste the tracking ID code that you have copied.
  3. Now click Save+ Close on top right and google analytics will be integrated to your tumblr blog.

How To Add Google Analytics To Tumblr Manually

  1. If you don’t see the google analytics options in your appearance tab don’t panic. You can add the analytics to the code.
  2. Open your theme tab and select use custom HTML
  3. Now go to the page where you had copied the tracking ID code from. Now instead of just copying the tracking id copy the entire sites ID
  4. After you have copied it go to your tumblr customize page with theme tab and open the sites code.
  5. Press Ctrl + F and search for </head> and paste the code that you copied directly above it
  6. After pasting click on save+ close and google analytics is integrated to your Tumblr blog

How To View Your Sites Stats In Google Analytics

  1. Now head over to Google Analytics and click on your sites name in the accounts life to see more info or you can just view the number of visits.
  2. If you click on view report you will be presented with a large graph which can show you data depending on your choice
  3. If you click on map overview you can check where the visitors are coming from and there are many options which you can explore
  4. You can view information on each and every thing about your blog and modify your blog accordingly.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you in adding google analytics to your tumblr blog.

Do let us know if the information provided by google analytics has helped you to improve your blog or not.

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