How To Use Cloudy To Attach Files To Your Gmail Messages

These days cloud storage are becoming the main form of storing and transferring your files as it allows you to access your files from anywhere and from any place as long as you have connection to internet. But most of the cloud storage such as Google drive, dropbox and skydrive allows you to download files to your system before you could do anything to them.

Now what if you have to send an email with some files that are in your cloud storage account. You would need to download the file and then attach the file to your email as result the entire process becomes quite lengthy. But not any more now you can use cloudy an extension of Google chrome browser that allows you to attach files in your cloud storage to your email without the need to download them.


So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use Cloudy to attach files from your online cloud storage account directly to your email without the need to download them.

How To Use Cloudy To Attach Files To Email

  1. Visit the chrome web store to download and install the cloudy extension.
  2. Cloudy works with a number of cloud storage services such as dropbox, Google drive and others. So you won’t be using all of them so drag the ones you don’t need to the right side empty box.
  3. When you are composing an email a cloud button will appear next to the send button so click on it.
  4. Cloudy will open and then select the service from where you want to attach the file. You will have to sign in to the service through cloudy before you can attach the files to your email.
  5. After signing in just select the files you want and click the button upload. The files will be attached to your email and then hit the send button to send your email.


There you have a simple guide that will allow you to use cloudy for attaching files from your cloud storage service. Cloudy allows you to access services such as Github, FTP servers, Flickr, Facebook and more.

Do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can attach files to your email directly from the cloud storage.

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