How To Use A Keyboard And Mouse Across Multiple Computers

If you are a user of multiple computers that enable you to make your work go faster than you also know that it is really annoying when you have to access different keyboards and mouse for each computer.

Not only it makes your work space messy but also it can lead to confusion as to which keyboard and mouse you are using and for which computer.

Mouse Without Border

So we have written this guide for you that will enable you to use a single mouse or keyboard across multiple computers thus making your life easy and also enabling you to keep a clean and confusion free desk.

Use Mouse Without Border Application

  1. For this process to work you need to download and install the application Mouse Without Border which was developed and released by Microsoft.
  2. During installation it will generate a security code for you that you can use in the next PC which will enable you to connect to the first PC.
  3. Now move over to the second PC and enter the security code and PC name that you have obtained from the first PC
  4. You can repeat the above process across the multiple PC each time entering the security code and computer name that you obtained from the first computer.
  5. That’s it you are done and now you can start using a single keyboard and mouse across multiple computers.
  6. With Mouse Without Border application you can:
  • Copy and paste files across multiple computers
  • Drag files across multiple computers
  • Share keyboard and mouse across multiple computers

We hope that the guide has been helpful to you in setting up your keyboard and mouse across multiple computer. If you know of any other way then do let us know.

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