How To Use 64-Bit Internet Explorer On Windows

64-Bit windows have been around for quite some time now and also with it you get a 64-bit version of explorer whether internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

64 Bit Internet Explorer

But lately no one have been using 64-bit explorer because most of the plugins that are available only work in the 32-bit versions of the explorer. But now adobe also has made their famous flash plugin available in the 64-bit versions.

Now according to some benchmarks the 64-bit browsers offer some advantage over the 32-bit versions. So we have prepared this guide where we have outlined how and why you should 64-bit browsers.

How To Use Firefox 64-Bit

  1. Visit the official Mozilla site to download the 64-bit installer for the browser.
  2. Look under the stable releases rather than downloading the nightly releases which contains bugs and other known issues.
  3. Install the browser as you normally would and then experience the increased speed in browsing.

How To Use 64-Bit Internet Explorer

  1. If you have installed 64-bit windows on your machine then you will get the 64-Bit internet explorer already installed and ready for use. But sadly you cant set it as your default browser because you might face some plug in issue.
  2. You can pin the icon to your task bar and also you can set a icon on your desktop so that you can easily launch the 64-Bit browser when you want to.

64-Bit Plugins

The plugins are not available by default you need to visit their official site to download the plugins manually. Although sometimes you will be faced with error message while installing the plugins but most of the time the installation procedure will go without any trouble.

Among the plugins that are available in 64-Bit versions is the Adobe flash player 11.2, Java 64-Bit plugin. Both of them need to be installed after visiting their official sire and locating the 64-bit installer.

So if you have been using the 64-Bit explorer then which explorer is the best so far. If you have noticed some speed difference during browsing then do let us know in out comments section.

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