How To Upload YouTube Video With Appropiate Settings

YouTube  is the biggest media distribution channel on the web. Thousands of people are actively engaged with you tube everyday. It is said that You Tube is the largest search engine after Big G- Google. This shows the involvement of people on You Tube.

Whatever you business is You Tube can be a very leveraging source of your potential customer or you may drive tons of traffic to your website by uploading videos on You Tube. Most of the people do upload the video but the leverage comes to very few peoples video.

Upload YouTube Video

The reason of failing YouTube campaign is mostly the problem with video settings and because of wrong setting videos do not get enough views to get tons of traffic.

In this tutorial i will discuss step by step guide to upload You Tube videos in detail.

General Uploading Process:

01. Open YouTube on Your Browser.

02. Log in with your username and password.You can also log in with G mail or any Google account.

03. Hit the Upload button on your YouTube Home Page.

04. Next page YouTube will ask you to bring the video to upload. You can either drag and drop or browse from the location on your hard disk. There is an option for multiple file upload also present.

If your video is not ready you shot video right from that page with the option of Record if you have webcam attached with your computer.

05. You can directly share the video on Facebook twitter and Orkut by connecting the account by pressing connect( blue button on red circle ) button.

06. If your video is more than 15 mints you have go for account verification processes.

Basic info settings Panel :

This part is the most critical part of uploading YouTube Video. Look at the picture and understand every option to make sure your videos setting is perfect to get tons of views withing shortest possible time.

Please Look at the labeled number in orange with the description bellow:

01. Title is the most important things to write very carefully. It is better to write title with targeted keywords to get ranked on YouTube search results.

Note: immediately after you select video file for upload the file name of becomes the default title. Do not use that. Always use SEO keyword rich title to get more views on videos.

02. Descriptions part needs to be persuasive and also try to incorporate some keywords to get more search result from YouTube search.

03. Tags are the most significant SEO component of the basic info settings. Take some time to put the best targeted keywords for your video on the tags section.

04. if you want to make your video private for any reason you have select the option from the drop down menu of privacy settings.

05. This is also an important aspect to get your video found on YouTube. Choose the category correctly to get your videos on related video.

06. Licensing portion is not so much important for the search result. But i prefer to put it on Standard YouTube licensing.

07.  this part shows monetization for the your video. if you want to make some cash out of your videos you have put the monetization settings here.

08. After you do all that you have to press the button “Save” Down bellow to save all the instances.

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