How to Upload Photos from a Mobile Phone to your Facebook Album

Uploading photos directly from your mobile phone to any of your available album on your Facebook account is vital nowadays especially when you are a type of person who is so fond of doing such deed. However, uploading photos from mobile phone is not that informed on most people, that they managed to stick with the typical USB cord connected to the machine or, removing the SD card and attaching it to the machine as a Flash Drive. As of now, using several applications on your mobile can make uploading mobile photos a lot easier.

First, you need to download any Facebook application suitable for your used mobile phone. Through that application, it will be easier for you to manipulate the photos to be uploaded. Then, once downloaded, input your email address as well as your password to sign in to Facebook mobile. On your profile, look for the “Photos” tab and choose the album where you prefer to include the photos to be uploaded.



If you are using an iPhone, you just have to tap the top icon of the screen with the “camera” image. For other images, it will be enough looking for an option which will redirect you to the camera function. You may contact the mobile phone provider for this case.

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Again, for iPhone, you have the option of taking a fresh photo or just browsing through the mobile phone’s memory. For other mobile phones, similar process will be taken but, it may be under the options menu. It all depends on the functionality of the device.

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Now, after taking a picture or choosing the photo to be uploaded on your file manager you will now hit the “Upload” photo and wait until the process finishes. It depends on the speed of the mobile internet you are using.


Once completely uploaded, the chosen photos will now go directly to your previously chosen folder and not on the “Mobile Uploads” which is so typical.



The Alternative

The mentioned method above is just for the advanced mobile phones such as Androids and iPhone. If in case you are using a camera phone and can access mobile internet, you can opt settling with emailing it to Facebook.  This is actually an old method and was performed year 2008.

FB phone

With this, you will need to download again a Facebook application is available. On the other hand, you may just email which will be redirected to your Facebook account.

You will use the ability of a mobile phone to “Email” a particular user. Once sent along with the photo attached, you will now receive an email confirming the success of the process. You will be given a 6-character code which will be needed for the next steps.

Now, you will need to follow this link: and hit the “Activate Facebook Mobile” button.  Make sure to include the 6-character code you received which is unique for every Facebook Mobile user.


After the confirmation, you can now normally upload photos by attaching it via email to

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