How to Upload MP3 to Facebook and Share MP3 On Facebook

Originally, Facebook has no capability of allowing its users to conveniently share mp3 tracks on their Facebook wall. But with the help of intelligent website programmers, this is now allowed using third party websites and programs. Because for the demand, the programmers of such ways have made it to the point that the process will be a lot easier than what most people expected it to be.

The provided processes will not allow you to directly upload mp3 tracks to your Facebook account but, you will use the ability of other websites to do such tasks.

This process will require you to upload a particular mp3 track and let it be connected to your Facebook account.

  1. Firstly, go to the link: This is a safe website; you should never worry about it.
  2. Since you wanted to connect your Facebook accounts to the website, instead of signing up manually, just click ‘Sign Up” and click “Connect with Facebook”.
  3. Once you completed the signing up process which is very easy, you will now need to log in using your account to SoundCloud. After logging in, SoundCloud will send a computer-generated to your used email address. You will need to open it and click on the confirmation link.
  4. After completing the above-mentioned process, you can now search for favorite mp3 tracks on that site and click share on Facebook and on other available social networking sites. If in case you wanted to share a unique mp3 track, you can also upload it on SoundCloud and share it as well.

Easier Ways of Making It Possible With Several 3rd Party Websites

  1. You can look for websites which can offer free mp3 downloads. Most of them have decided to provide mp3 URLs. These URLs are the ones which you will use in sharing mp3 track to Facebook. To use the URL, search for your desired song. Ideally, can offer such ability. On the provided screenshot, you will see the mp3 URL. Now, just copy it and paste it on the status box of your Facebook profile. Just hit “Post” and you are done.
  2. If in case cannot offer your needed mp3 track but you have your own copy, you can use a particular website which can allow you to upload mp3 tracks. As of now, it is the which is the most reliable mp3 track hosting site. Just upload the mp3 music there.
    How to Upload MP3 to Facebook

    Now, after uploading the mp3 track, you will now see the mp3 URL which is beside the “Direct Hotlink”. On this process, you have the ability of modifying title and artist of the song by going to

With these processes, you can now post unlimited mp3 tracks to your Facebook profile and allow your Facebook friends to enjoy the music as much as you do. Keep in mind that aside from, there are lots of similar sites which can also share such mp3 URLs. Just be sure you are visiting a legit site.

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