How To Unlock a Webpage From Behind a Firewall

Sometimes you will have a problem in accessing a particular website. You may wonder why it is happening to you. One reason may be that the website server may be just down or the other possibility is that the firewall of that website may be stopping you from viewing it.

A firewall basically is one set of the related programs that protects resources of private network from the users of other networks. Firewall is installed for preventing the outsiders from accessing somebody’s private data resources.

It works closely with router program and examines all the network packets for determining if it needs to be forwarded towards its destination. But there is a way through which you can unblock any webpage which is behind a firewall.

Wait For Some Time

After a while, the firewall of any blocked website may unblock the IP address depending upon the configuration of the server. This may take from 1 hour to 1 week or indefinitely.


If the website does not get unlocked even after waiting for couple of days, then you can try several other options.

Use A Proxy

If you feel that you have been blocked by a firewall, you can try and use a proxy just to check if you could access the site because a firewall would have blocked the IP address most probably or the IP range.

If you manage to view at least some parts of the homepage or access the entire site, you will know that the IP address was blocked. For unblocking yourself, you can try to restart the modem.

Restarting Your Modem

You can restart your device by turning it off approximately for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on. Restarting the modem will work only if you have been assigned Dynamic IP address by the Internet Service Provider.

The modem will reconnect to the internet connection and then your Internet Service Provider would assign you with another different IP address. So if a firewall has blocked the IP address, you should get unblocked from the site by getting a brand new IP address; unless of course the new IP address is blocked too.

Use Google Cache

If restarting your internet device has not shown any positive result and you are unable to access the website at all, then you may need to try the Google Cache. Google Cache is really good for a website that is not frequently updated and you want to just view some information like if you want to research on something.

Try IP Address Of URL

You can also try to get the website’s IP address and then enter it into the web browser. For getting IP address of any website, you can visit the SelfSEO website and enter URL of the required website.

This way you would get the needed IP address. Enter that number in the web browser to check if it works. Still if you are unable to access the website, then the actual problem might be at your side so make sure that your internet is properly installed and successfully connected.

Also check if you are able to access other websites or not. If until this point you become sure that a firewall is actually blocking you, then the only option left if to contact the website authorities.

Contact The Owner Of the Website

If everything else seems to fail, you can try contacting the owner of the site and request them to unblock your IP address so that you can get an access to their website.

To get the contact number or email address of the owner, try browsing through the search results that you conduct ad then look out for the contact details. Let’s say if it is the website of a company, you can search regarding their company name and then try to find out about their contact details.

This way you can get in touch with the website authorities and ask them why their website cannot be accessed by you.

One of the mentioned tips should definitely work out for you for unblocking a website from behind any firewall. If still you face issues in accessing any website, then you have no choice but to either change the Internet Service Provider or stop trying to access that particular website.

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