How to Try Linux on your Windows Computer

Linux is now known to be a pleasing operating system because of its simplicity and convenience in using it. Well, as a current Windows XP user, it is advisable for you to try out Linux or better known as Ubuntu on your machine. This tutorial will teach you how to make it possible that you can run Ubuntu on your machine without the needs of installing the whole operating system and deleting or leaving the life of having Windows completely.


If you are going to uninstall Windows from your system and shift completely to Linux, well that could be a good idea especially when you are fully decided of using Linux instead of Windows. You can also try running Linux alongside with Windows virtually which is a good thing about Linux. This can be possible with this operating system.

However, if you will look closely to it, if you are rooting for the best performance of Linux, then installing it completely on your system is the best choice as you can enjoy its full capabilities. Running Linux virtually may affect its capabilities giving you limited access. However, it can be considered as a risk-free and recommended way of installation for novice users.


Running Windows with Linux

Well, as what have been said earlier, running Linux along with Windows is possible using several ways. All of the offered steps here are proven to be effective and are very easy to be followed. Also, the provided processes here will focus on the popular desktop utility of Linux which is Ubuntu.


Run Linux with Web Application

There is a particular web application which can allow you to gain the full accessibility online. You can try visiting It is a website which will just require you to fill up a form. After that, you will now get the full access using the Java applet. This website is amazing as it will not require you to download or install anything. It completely runs using the internet. Keep in mind that a single session on that particular website can last up to 2 hours. It is also updated with the newest updates launched by Ubuntu Linux.


Running Linux Using Removable Disk

Actually, this is the most popular option in running Linux along with Windows in a single system. Well, we can say that most of the removable disks available nowadays have larger memory than the actual RAM of a computer. With this, at the first hand, installing Ubuntu in a removable disk is very much possible. There are 2 removable disks which could be used for this process. You can either use a CD or a flash disk. To get started, you need to download the latest version along with the latest update of Ubuntu ( This is an ISO file in default and with a size around 650MB. If in case downloading a file with a size of 650MB is not advisable to your system due to slow internet connection, then just look for a friend who has the installer. That can be allowed. You can also get an Ubuntu CD online through


Once you had the copy of the program, you will now need to get the removable disk that you have (preferable a flash disk) and use the ability of UNetbootin ( to turn your flash drive into a bootable one. Now, insert it into your machine and wait for the window. After that, you will see an option from its boot menu which allows you to “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer” and choose that of course. You may now experience the Linux on your system.


Running Linux on a Virtual Machine

This is possible as long as you have the right program for virtualization. You can try downloading VMware Player ( on a Windows machine. Since you are going to install Linux as well, then download a VMware image for Ubuntu ( as well on the similar machine. Now, extract the zip file that you got and choose “Ubuntu.vmx” folder. From there, Linux will now run safely on a Windows machine.

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