How to transfer files from the SD card to the Nexus 7

Nexus tablet 7 is pretty cheap and powerful device that is easy to carry with you because of its small size. Unfortunately, the device does not have the SD card slot, but you can with no problems a pleasure to keep your pictures from SD card directly on the Google Nexus 7.It does not require you to have any special skills or experience. Just follow the instructions below.


Now you can quickly view, share and edit photos directly on the Nexus 7 and you do not need to load them to your computer. What’s more, you can watch a video that is stored on a memory card that will allow you not to litter  precious space on your device, because it and so there is never enough.

To view photos on a Nexus 7, you’ll need the tablet itself, and three things:

OTG USB cable

USB SD Card Reader

Nexus Media Importer

Now everything is easy. Download and install the software, Nexus Media Importer. Then insert the USB OTG cable to microUSB port at the bottom of Nexus 7. Now, you have USB port to insert a card reader and it has set itself SD card with the desired space and information.


Then you need to open the Nexus Media Importer. Application will prompt you to automatically open when you connect your SD card. Now safely view the files on the SD card, and then save them on your Google Nexus tablet 7.

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Already rewriting the photos on your tablet, you can edit them with special applications and share them with friends via online services. If you love taking pictures, then view the photos on Nexus 7 which will help you understand how well they turned out. This is much easier than using a bulky laptop.

This method works with the Nexus 7 tablet and Nexus 10 tablet. The same thing you can pull from the Samsung Galaxy S3, but then you do not have an application Nexus Media Importer, because the browser of the smartphone automatically opens to show you the pictures from your SD card. All devices that can be purchased at local markets or online stores. But make sure that OTG cable works with the tablet Nexus 7.

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