How to Track Your Favorite Pages on Facebook

Facebook has been found as the most popular social networking site. Almost every month, new updates are taken to satisfy the changing demands by the users. Also, Facebook is now used as one of the prime ways to cater services thru their free service Facebook pages. W For a business, having the Facebook page can allow them to interact easily with those of the people who have their Facebook accounts.

Still, those Facebook pages are not just beneficial to the business owners but to customers as well. With this, these customers should make sure that they are up to date with the Facebook page of their wanted business or else, they may miss a lot of deals. There are several ways for you to keep track with a Facebook page.

Liking the Facebook Page

This is actually the oldest way of being updated on every post made by a particular Facebook page. Once you liked a Facebook page, their posts will appear on your timeline.

Liking a page is easy. You just have to type in the URL of the Facebook page you anted to like. If you do not know the URL, then you can always search for it by utilizing the search bar. You will just type in the business name on the Facebook search bar. Several results may appear and choose the “legit” one. Click the name. After that, just below the cover photo, there is a button “Like”. Click it and wait for the button to change into a “Liked” button. After that, you will now receive posts from that liked Facebook page directly to your timeline.

liking facebook

Urging the Facebook Page Show Up on your News Feed

Because there are several changes committed by Facebook, there are times that you may miss some of the Facebook page’s post. With this, you may try instructing your profile to always show up the Facebook page on your news feed so that browsing through the Facebook page’s timeline would be a lot easier. To start, go to the Facebook page you just liked. Take note: You should like the Facebook page to go on with the next step.

liking facebook

Now, on that “Liked” button, click it. Another dropdown menu will appear giving you some options. Among that several options, click “Show in News Feed”. After that, you will be rest assured that all of their posts will appear on your news feed.


Putting a Facebook Page on your List

Well, you can’t be online always to track down the Facebook page you liked. You may always miss a post and browsing down on your timeline can be quite painful. With this, you may put the Facebook page into a list wherein it will be easier for you to be updated on their posts.

Again, go to your “Liked” Facebook page. On the “Liked” button, click it. On that note, a dropdown menu will appear having several options. Choose “New List”.

click on news list

After clicking that, another window will appear which will look like the image provided. Now, on that window, you will need to select the page you wanted to be included on your list. If you will try including multiple Facebook pages, then click or choose multiple pages. After choosing all the pages, hit the “Next” button.

click on next

After hitting the “Next” button, there will be a space provided below the “List Name”. On that, you can assign a particular name of that list. Once done, then just click the “Done” button at the lower right corner of the window.

click done


Through these steps, it will now be easier for you to track down all the posts provided by your favorite Facebook pages. These ways will be effective until Facebook had their update again.

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