How To Take Sharper Pictures With Your Android Camera

These days the camera on the android phones are becoming more and more advanced and are able to produce very good pictures. They also contain many automated features that helps to improve the quality of the pictures.

But no matter the amount of the automated features still taking pictures depends on the photographer’s skill and also the right amount of light and focus. But still most of the photographers aren’t able to take sharp pictures with their camera phone.

Droid X Camera

So to help you to take very sharp pictures with android camera we have prepared a simple guide for you. For this purpose of this guide we will use the Galaxy Nexus.

How To Take Sharper Pictures With Android Camera

  1. Before you take picture of an object or a person you have to make sure to focus the object in your frame. Most of the focusing process is automated but you can still tap on the screen to focus on the object of interest.
  2. When the focus lock is achieved a green reticule will appear and confirm that the object is in focus. But if a red reticule appears that means the object is not in focus and if you snap the picture it will appear blurry. So to get the green reticule then move back a little until green reticule appears.
  3. If you are taking a picture in low light condition then you will get the help of the LED flash on your phone. If the object is near then you can use the auto focus and wait for green reticule. But if the object is further away than focus on a nearby object and hope that the depth of field would do the rest.
  4. To get a sharper picture than you must make sure that the object is in the depth of field. Then the picture will also appear crisp and clear. So make sure that the object is more in focus rather than other background objects to get clearer crisp picture.
  5. To get more clear and crisp picture in low light condition then you should go for shooting bokeh which is an artistic method to get a crisp picture against blurred background. So to get a bokeh just shoot as much as close and focus to the object as precisely as you can.


So there you go a simple guide that will help you to take sharper clearer picture with your android camera.

Do let us know if you know any other method with which you can take clearer with your android camera.

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