How To Take Screenshots On Your Android Device

When android 4.0 was launched it introduced a host of new features and among them was the ability to take screenshot of what you are doing on your device. This feature has been available on IPhone from quite some time but sadly it was missing in android but now no need to worry because the device that come with android 4.0 can easily take screenshots.

There are many ways with which you can take screenshot of your device. You can either hook up your device to your desktop or use the android SDK to take screenshot or use of the many apps that are available in the play store to take screen shot of your android device.

Screenshot app v1.00

We have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to take screenshot of what you are doing and share it with your friends.

How To Take Screenshot

  1. This one of the traditional method of taking screenshot on your android 4.0 hold down the power button with volume up button simultaneously at the same time. The screen will show an animation indicating that the screenshot has been taken. It will be saved to your gallery.
  2. If you are not using android 4.0 then head over to play store and download aScreenshot app. This app requires your phone to be rooted. You can choose the various options in the app that will allow you to take screenshot.
  3. You can set aScreenshot app to take screenshot when you shake your device. You can set up the sensitivity on your phone which allow you to take screenshot easily.
  4. You don’t have android 4.0 and also are unwilling to root your phone then simply download and install the Android SDK on your desktop. Connect your phone and launch the SDK looking for ddms program. To take screenshot just refresh the screen.
  5. You can also use Airdroid to take screenshot of your device via your web browser. You need to have a root access to your device to install and run the airdroid app.
  6. There are other apps in the play store that come with various option that can cater to your needs of taking screenshot of your device. One such app is screen capture shortcut free app.


There you have some of the apps with which you can take screenshot of your android device easily.

Do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can take screenshot of your device easily.

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