How To Sync Your IPod With Another Computer

Most apple users must have noticed that when they try to sync their ipod with another computer their entire library is erased or replaced with new content thus losing their old library completely. As a result your only able to sync your ipod with that computer that contains all the data inside your ipod.

But what if your old computer dies with all the data in it and there is no way to recover any of that data. We have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to sync your ipod with a new computer with all the existing data from your old computer transferred to new computer before it dies.

syncing ipods with anothe computer

Transferring the library from one computer to another is very easy to perform but in this guide we will extract the data from your old ipod device into the new computer read more to find out how.

How To Sync Your IPod With Another Computer

  1. Download and install iTunes on your new computer. Once installation is complete go to preference and click on device button and check the box that says prevent Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically
  2. If the media that you are trying to recover have been purchased then attach your ipod to the computer and on your itunes go to store enter your user information and then click on authorize.
  3. Once the authorization is complete navigate to file and click on transfer purchases from your ipod name. You will notice that the files are being transferred from your ipod into your new computer. Once its complete you can edit the content and also now your ipod can be easily synced with your new computer without any data loss.


How To Sync Your IPod With Another Computer Using Sharepod

sharepod sync

  1. Download and install sharepod a free utility available to windows users. Before you launch it make sure that itunes is closed.
  2. After you launch it will immediately detect your ipod and fill the library with your content.
  3. Either you can select your individual files or simply press ctrl + A to select the entire library and click on copy to computer.
  4. Sharepod will ask you to specify the location where you want to save your library and after the process is complete you can just navigate to that location to see your data.
  5. Now launch itunes and your old library will be ready to be synced with your ipod at the click of a button.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to sync your ipod to another computer without you losing any data. For MAC users they can use a software called Senuti which offers same functionality as sharepod but it is limited to only 1000 songs. If you have more than 1000 songs then you can use the older version of senuti which is free and unlimited.

If you have any other way with which you can connect your ipod with another computer without losing any data do let us know.

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