How To Share Files Between Android Devices Using Android Beam

There are many ways of sharing files between android devices. One of the most common method is to use Bluetooth to share files between android devices. Bluetooth offers high rate of data transmission so allowing you to transfer files of large size easily.

With the launch of Ice cream sandwich in the year 2011 it brought a new method of file transfer called Android Beam. With this new feature two beam enabled device can share files between each other with just a simple touch with the other device. Still many users are unfamiliar with how to use android beam and share files whether large or small.


So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to share files easily among two beam enabled android device.

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How To Use Android Beam To Share Files

  1. Access the settings of your device from your app drawer and tap on wireless & networks tab.
  2. Once in wireless & network tab make sure that the tab named NFC box is ticked and then tap on android beam and turn it on.
  3. Any file of any format can be transferred over android beam. So select the file that you want to transfer.
  4. Make sure that android beam is enabled in the other phone by following the steps 1 & 2. Then place the two phone back to back and then press on the zoomed version of the file that you have selected it will be transferred over instantly.
  5. After the second device has received the file you will notice that it will show that you have connected to a new device and a new tag collected appears on the screen. This will make transferring files to the same device quicker next time.
  6. While transferring files to a second device sometimes you will receive an error message or the file is unable to transfer. This usually happens due to limited storage in the second device so make sure that the device you are transferring to have enough storage to accept your file.


So there you have an easy to follow tutorial which will help you to transfer files between two beam enabled devices.

Do let us know what you think about this new and your impressions if you have ever used this feature for transferring files.

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